The perfect cupcake

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Its midnight and you have the munchies. What should you do? There’s a box of cold pizza from two nights ago and a few pieces of leftover sushi, but your taste buds are craving something different, something sweeter, a yummy morsel that will perfectly melt in the mouth. A commercial flashes on the tv; it’s that loyal Pillsbury dough boy busy mixing up a spoonful of rich creamy cupcake batter! Eureka!

Essentially you know you could easily drive to the nearest supermarket and get a carton full of mill made cupcakes, but you are no rookie. When you choose to indulge, there is no way you are going about it halfway. And you’ve got the perfect cupcake in mind; now no second rated effort will satisfy your new craving.

The perfect cupcake. . .in your mind you visualize it. It’s moist, it is straight from the oven and it fills the air with heavenly scents that you cannot help but submit too. It’s your favorite flavor, whether it is a vanilla, white, chocolate, or other tantalizing cake base. It’s decorated with your favorite toppings: flavored icing, sprinkles; the functions.

It peels easy from the wrapper, but leaves a light lining of cupcake remnants on it to later be licked away. The frosting is generously applied. It covers the whole top of the cupcake several times over. It’s a decoration, but it also adds to the overall quality of the cupcake. It’s not hardened or clumpy. It is smooth, sweet and easily licked off or eaten together with the cupcake itself. Light sprinkles delicately adorn it as well. Giving it a just crunchy sweet texture, one that just perfect offsets the smooth, batter of the cake foundation of the treat.

As you bite into the cupcake it does not crumble, but stay together firmly. It is not as hard as a fudge bar, but not as mild as a slice of angel food cake. Its perfected consistency lies somewhere between the two, thick enough so that every bite can be savored meaningfully. Because it is moist every bit melts easily in the mouth and leaves a light stickiness on your fingers. It’s best with a tall glass of milk, possibly two, to accentuate the decadence of its taste.

On some days, the perfect cupcake is described above. On other days, when one is starving and wants a quick treat to devour, both day old cupcake, for some unusual reason hits the spot. It’s sat on the counter top just long enough to hard somewhat more giving it a more substantial feeling. Biting into it seems more like biting into a hearty piece of bread. The frosting gives you the feeling that you are biting into something much like a chocolate bar as it has had time to harden a bit giving the cupcake another additional dessert treat quality. It becomes more of a candy as opposed to a baked good giving rise to the wonderful flexibility its changing texture can take on, becoming just another variation of the perfect cupcake. Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart! With your Powers Combined I AM CAPTAIN ELLIS!

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