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Everything starts with a comfy blanket, a picnic basket filled with surprises, a sunny day, (or a rainy one), and a bit of romance. Organizing the perfect picnic is fun and should be customised to match the one you love. First select the perfect lunching place and you are on your way.

To munch


Pair with a fresh baguette from your favorite bakery.

To drink

La Mortuacienne Pink Squirrels in Attic or Elixia Gold Flecked Lemonade for people who prefer their nonalcoholic beverages with some elegance.


Champagne is ideal for any event, and therefore it’s the perfect libation for a picnic. Ruinart is a splendid Champagne from begin to finish, but it is really about choosing one that suits your taste. For wine, an unfussy Picpoul de Pinet or White Rioja are great options to turn to. They are crisp, delicious and dependable. It’s generally better to steer clear of red wine in the event of accidental spills.

And always have water available. Hildon and Ty Nant’s classy glass jar minis are available. Additional Fiji and Acqua Panna have miniature plastic bottles that are best for transporting around.

Sweets to savour

Fresh berries or without cream


A choice of macaroons in the French patisserie Laduree is your greatest confection. The rose, pistachio, vanilla, and salted caramel tastes are extremely delectable and almost too beautiful to eat.

The end

A thermos of tea to accompany a batch of lavender biscuits out of our cherished Fortnum & Mason is the best way to finish a picnic they will never forget.


A cutting board is best to keep crumbs at bay and for cutting cheese and bread. Also real dishes and utensils are more authentic then their vinyl counterparts, and for that reason result in a more elegant presentation.

Flameless candles are beautiful and ideal for sunset picnics.

Just a tiny radio with whatever songs you prefer (Chopin anybody ), in the background is a excellent addition.

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